Ruby Kapoor

Co Founder Urban Suburban Productions

Ruby Kapoor surrounds herself with the things she love – theatre, books, friends, people, writing, travel and above all the freedom to do what she wants and when she wants it!

An alumna of Delhi University and Indian Institute of Mass Communications, recently Ruby gave up her 29 year old successful career in Public Relations to devote her time to her passions and co founded Urban Suburban Productions – a successful theatre company based in Gurgaon.  While being the Production in charge, she has also acted, co scripted and co directed a number of USP Productions. She enjoys conducting theatre workshops for children. In her words, “ Voluntary retirement from a structured work place has been the best decision of my life and has opened up creative vistas that I could only dream of and long for”

An avid reader, Ruby writes poetry and  is currently working on her book of short stories.


Posted on

13th March 2018