Kanika Tekriwal


CEO at JetSetGo Aviation Services Pvt Ltd

An entrepreneur who is a relentless pursuer of hope, positivity and drive – Ms. Kanika Tekriwal was not only chosen as one of the 100 most inspirational women in the world by BBC but also recognized by Forbes Asia as one of the 30 under 30 leading entrepreneurs in Asia amongst various other accolades.. Her energy is infectious and compels everyone around her strive for even greater success. A marathon runner, a painter, a traveler and more – she is redefining her life every day.

Self Belief – My Success Mantra

“I have always believed in the power of the mind – If you believe it, you can do it. The events one face in their lifetime are nothing but a reciprocation of a combination of their thoughts and actions. If you think, you believe and are determined to do something; your actions automatically work towards achieving it.”

Journey as an Entrepreneur

Ms. Kanika Tekriwal started her journey in the aviation industry at the age of 17. During her tenure, she has seen the industry grow and has grown with it. It is well and truly safe to assume that she has learnt more than a thing or two about the industry in this time.

As her career unfolded, she saw the frustration suffered by any customer in regard to chartering planes or helicopters. The industry was clouded by charter brokers and operators who were more interested in their commission than satisfying their customers. The absence of a technology driven platform in the private aviation industry led to a lack of transparency and astronomical prices for the same. The demand for “something better” was the spark that led her to create “A professional and comprehensive technology driver charter service providing a variety of aircrafts with a transparent pricing system”

JetSetGo is a direct result of the desire to solve this problem. It is a customer-centric venture aimed at revolutionizing the private aviation business in the region by re-defining the experience for private charter customers.

Challenges Faced

Obstacles build character; this cannot be more true for the life on an entrepreneur. Ms. Tekriwal, like most entrepreneurs faced a plethora of obstacles before she was able to achieve the success she has achieved today. She started the company with a 100 dollars and is now doing over 7 digit turnover every month. At the very beginning, after investing over six months and a considerable amount of resources, she was not able to sell a single plane. She could’ve lost faith in the lackluster economy and given up but instead she chose to ride out the storm and innovate. She looked for ways to create a business model that reduced the price of these planes and made them more feasible for any potential customers. It was this thinking that paved the path to her becoming one of the 100 most prominent and inspirational women in the world.



Posted on

28th February 2017