Farah Singh


Co Founder Urban Suburban Productions

Passionate about life-family or friends, theatre or cooking-from College dramatics to being a full time Drama Queen, life has been quintessentially quirky! An alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Farah now calls herself a ‘Story Teller’ – and uses words, verse and the the stage to do that. She has acted in the Hungry Heart Festival in ‘Ru-baru’ directed by Smita Bharti. She has performed with The Living Room Theatre, directed by Sarita Vohra in several plays in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Farah co-founded Urban Suburban Productions with other theatre enthusiast friends to bring intimate theatre to our great suburb, Gurgaon. She has enjoyed scripting and directing Deadly Ties, Fly High, Firefly, God! I am No Goddess, Vexed In The City and Heaven On Fire. She has conducted Theatre Workshops for children and co directed Telling Tall Tales. She has conceived and directed a Fund Raiser for The Earth Saviours Foundation called Really Scary, Silly Stories. She is proud of the fact that USP has created a fabulous Theatre loving community in Gurgaon.

She feels that comedy is her forte, because a ‘good laugh is a high in itself’!Farah Singh


Posted on

15th March 2018