Aniket Doegar


Co-founder Haqdarshak

Aniket has been associated with Udaan, a parents’ group of Mentally Challenged Children of Shimla, with an objective of creating and promoting rehabilitation and educational and vocational activities for children with special needs. As part of the second cohort of the Teach for India fellowship, he has taught for two years in a low-income municipal school in Pune and worked extensively on community programs in urban slums. He has also worked with dynamic and young organisations like Gyan Prakash Foundation, Indus Action and Centre for Teacher Accreditation wherein my role focused on School Management Committees, Quality of education, Teacher development and training, policy implementation (Right to Education) and outreach programs in low income rural and urban communities across states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

With a goal of working towards a socially and financially inclusive society,  Aniket co-founded Hands for You foundation. He started his first project IConnect India in early 2014 to research and pilot an effective delivery mechanism of welfare schemes for the socially and economically marginalized. In July 2015, Aniket co-founded Haqdarshak,a social enterprise, with the aim of increasing financial and social inclusion to over 300 million people living in acute poverty in India by mobilising on ground resources through a hybrid model of technology platforms and handholding. The vision of Haqdarshak is that through the technology platform people get access to information and through collective action from the community we are able to truly create a world class service delivery platform for the underserved in the country and across the world.


Posted on

20th March 2018