Amita Karadkhedkar


AVP – Project Delivery Manager – UK Retail Banking, Barclays

I am Amita Karadkhedkar.I am an engineering graduate and a  member of the Barclays family  from last six and half years.I am a Project Delivery Manager by profession and a woman by passion .Questions? You see I was born as ‘Amit’ in a middle class family. The gender I  was assigned at birth mismatched  the one I really am. For a very long time I saw this as an anomaly and denied myself the truths and happiness I deserved. A while ago I understood and embraced my truths and began to honor and appreciate the woman within me.

My journey is riveting, emotional and a revolutionary act  of defining hope, dreams and determinations in my life .My everyday flows with the heart of survival and resilience in a bigoted world.  I try to embrace my kindness bursting through the cracks of the hard realities of the life, while sustaining and cultivating  bonds of  kinships , friendships and camaraderie.

My step towards personal wholeness during my transition  set upon me various obstacles and challenges. It has revived and helped me grow beyond measures and instilled within me compassion, empathy and persistence. It has brought me in touch with my hidden potentials and serves as a constant motivation to excel, trailblaze as an exemplary employee of the Barclays family which has been instrumental in my journey.



Posted on

20th March 2018