Best D&I Practices in Gender

This award recognizes an organisation that has initiated and successfully lead programs to remove ‘gender related’ barriers and has sustained gender diversity initiatives, policies and processes within their framework to assure improved working experience and engagement levels of all employees.

Assessment Criteria

  • It provides evidence that the work experience and engagement of employees of all genders has improved as a result of their actions or interventions and there is leadership commitment to gender inclusivity, accountability, diversity programs organized, originality and integration of programs with business strategy and results.
  • The organization needs to showcase their programs which have created an inclusive culture by challenging gender inequalities/barriers/bias in the application of people management policies and have taken steps to eliminate or reduce incidents of gender related bullying, harassment or discrimination against employees or service users.


How to Apply

To apply, Click Here 

Also, please send photographs, videos or any such supporting documents to showcase the purpose, journey and milestones of the community work.
Please mention in Subject : <name> : and Best D&I Practices in Gender

Nomination forms and supporting documents must be submitted by January 25, 2019 at