Best CSR Practices in Education

This award recognizes an organization that has implemented a project designed specifically toward large scale literacy and education improvements among children and adults with sustainable and long term benefits. These initiatives can address: access to quality education; development of higher level of skills and capabilities; education; illiteracy; development/improvement of educational facilities and technologies; promotion of teacher-training; and promotion of academic learning through partnerships.

Assessment Criteria

Identification of the issue and importance to the company, Identification of key communities and target beneficiaries, Identification of community needs, Action plan, expected output, monitoring framework or indicators for assessing the program’s progress, Implementation structure, budget, Partnerships, Success Stories, Impact, Sustainability, scale-up and replication, evaluation by external evaluator.


How to Apply

To apply, Click Here  

Also, please send photographs, videos or any such supporting documents to showcase the purpose, journey and milestones of the community work.
Please mention in Subject : <name> : and Best CSR Practices in Education
Nomination forms and supporting documents must be submitted by January 25, 2019 at